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DabOTG Holiday Sale!!

Check out our Standard Glass Heady Topper Kits as well as our new Thicker Clear Heady Topper Kits;pick one up today for $40 or $45 respectively (just to be clear…Standard Kits for $40 and Thick Glass Kits for $45)!!

We are proud to offer you a more elegant replacement to the standard plastic and brittle glass globe that come with almost every other pen and atomizer out there.

Made with care by an American glassblower; this topper has more vertical space to allow your vapors slightly more room to cool giving you the optimal hit every time.

htMagazine Editor’s pick as Best Hit and Best Overall Pen in the 2014 Vapor Pen Buyer’s Guide

Best Hit? Yes! Because the atomizer we carry has been meticulously worked on to have a titanium wire that contains the largest silica glass-thread the coil could handle; when placed inside our slot-less ceramic nail and used with our own, electronically controlled, multivoltage battery (set to Green, our preferred “Goldilocks” setting) all the right conditions are present to vaporize your favorite concentrate/e-nicotine solutions! Using our ‘Heady Toppers’ to contain all that vaporized goodness is just icing on the cake.

Best Overall Pen? Well, we’ll let the quality of our complete kit and, most importantly, the ‘Heady Topper’ speak for itself.

See for yourself and head on over to the shop to buy one today!

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